Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Christmas Home

I love to decorate, christmas is my favorite but I love to decorate for all the seasons. I want to be surrounded by all the things I love and all things that make me happy. It is said that what ever we continually think about we will attract those things into our lives, so I make a conscious effort to think about all the things that I love. And that is so easy to do this time of year.
This is the cool ledge above my door. I have my pink Tree with vintage ornaments on it along side my moms pink prom dress!
This is my vintage toy display on top of my antique armoire.

The mantle was designed by my girls this year!

Our Village needs a bigger table next year!

So this little get up is new this year.....I found this vintage toy ad at one of my favorite hang outs, Homestead Handcrafts! It was sold as "wrapping paper" but I put it in the cool frame I got at a garage sale.....wait for it...... for 50 cents! Yes you read right! It worked perfectly for this new ad!

This is my treasured nativity scene

This was an awesome find for only $6.00, its a vintage cardboard cut out that was used as a display in a store many years ago......I wonder about all the joy this brought to many children when they saw it in the store.  He even has a fuzzy suit!  So cool...........

I LOVE my new little Primitive Feather Tree!  Check out the old holly sugar sign....I found it at a flea market for $1.00 what a bargain!

My sweet puppy...wondering why I'm taking all these pictures???

I must have trees in every nook and crany, that way I can decorate them in all different themes!

My shabby display that's not quite perfect.....My collection of vintage ornaments hang from my white tree.

Ahhhh.....more and more glitter houses, these light up!

My prized door, why is it so special you ask? Let me tell you.....I found it near the trash can on Randolph AFB, when I asked the guy at the hobby shop where it came from he said they were remodeling base housing and this was from one of the officers houses that was built in the 1930's. Well a great piece of history like that can't just be tossed out, so it went home with me! and now it sits proudly in my dining room!

My perfectly wonderful shabby china cabinet, guess I need to change out the flowers for Christmas stuff

The girls gotta have an advent house

Last but not least.....My wine is all dressed up for the occasion!

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