Thursday, November 24, 2016

Vintage Christmas 2016

My kids think my "Santa" doll is creepy! But I love him, he's a vintage Rushton Santa doll
I got off a seller on eBAY. Love my Santa mug & pitcher set I got last year.

Found this light up blow mold Frosty at a local thrift store! A major score for $2
And th Santa on the lower right hand side of the picture, was a steal at Goodwill for $1.99


Love all things glittery

So I am now having to find places to display every thing! 😬

This was a total impulse buy on eBAY one nite at oh....midnight! I have never seen one
And HAD to have it! And then... there were TWO! So I got them both 

So this year I actually BROKE four of my vintage ornaments, and no, not the "dime a dozen" kind but the UNIQUE one of a kind ones! So pissed off because they can't be replaced 😩

My collection of elfs. I went a little crazy on eBAY! So much so, the damn bank kept locking my card thinking it was fraud! 

LOVE this wreath with vintage pink ornaments 

My silver/gold display 

My sweet cousin got me this wonderful reindeer mug! 

The little elf with green feet on the left side of the picture is another new eBAY treasure! He's also a vintage Rushton! And that AMAZING box of "Glo-Ray" vintage Christmas lites another must have! It actually came with the actual lights! 

See that bowl? There's the lights!  This is our Christmas Mug collection!

A new display this year! Love the sweet little metal tray in the lower right hand cubby. 

A FB friend Michelle Rees inspired me with her amazing decor and I had to get that snow sign from HomeGoods! Oh don't y'all just LOVE that little retro toaster? It's a Scentsy warmer!!! One look at that thing and I knew it was going home with me!

I absolutely LOVE these sweet elf mugs!! 

There's the bowl of vintage Glo-Ray lites 

I made this cute little floral arrangement with elf legs!

My shabby chic glitter houses I got at Target years ago on clearance, Best Buy ever!

My vintage putz houses on my silver tray I found at Goodwill for a surprising $2.99 that damn store usually has such ridiculous prices I don't buy stuff most of the time!

That tree is now decorated with small vintage ornaments 

Another inspiration piece from the Talented Michelle Rees (  check out her amazing blog 

Love my Santa mugs from Pottery Barn!

Sweet vintage angels