Saturday, December 12, 2015

Living Room Re-do

So I bought this 100 year old hand carved armoire from an antique store years ago, I actually paid only $300 for it even though when I went to put it on lay a way the lady told me "oh I don't think he meant to sell it for that price, I think that's what he paid for it" So I politely (sorta) replied "it's 3:00 ya'll have been open since 10am and your just now noticing that big ol' price tag is wrong??? Sorry but I'll just pay for it and take it with me now!" She just looked at me and couldn't say it went home with me!  So I have been wanting to paint it for YEARS but everyone says "OMG WHY would you put paint on an antique like that?? You can't deface it!" Well we have dark wood floors, had a dark brown sofa, dark brown TV stand and everything was just too much darkness, and y'all know what the good book says about darkness vs. light! LOL

SO......deface it I finally did! And dang it looks amazing!!!
Even hubby was impressed!

Add a new rug and new sofas and the place is finally brightened up a bit!!

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