Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas decor went up on 1 November this year, though I heard a lot of griping about "its too early" I ignored them and did it anyway. That way I get at least 2 full months to enjoy! 

Hmmmm....not my best work....

Couldn't pass up the vintage toy truck

One of my favorite stores in town is Homestead Handcrafts in San Antonio. I always find a ton of stuff!! Lots of vendors with amazing finds. So this year my mom and I went because I was on the hunt for more vintage Christmas stuff, I don't have enough ya know? And she kept griping at me every time I added something to my basket, saying "what are you going to do with that?" Or "you don't need any more" I turn around and tell her " if YOU didn't get rid of all this crap from childhood I wouldn't need to be paying triple the amount to recapture my everything " LOL

Vintage toys

I can't believe how expensive the cheapy dime store Christmas decorations from the 50's are nowadays! This plastic sleigh was a steal for $9.00

Vintage toy store display. Shout out to my cousin Susen Cortez for making me the fabulous snowman with the tall black hat!!

Table display 

My tree with all my vintage ornaments 

I need more places for all my stuff!!

My latest creation! I couldn't part with him so I kept him! highly coveted pink Santa 

My Bethany Lowe wreath

I finally collected enough vintage ornaments in just the right colors to make a wreath for me! I found so many on Etsy but couldn't pay $300-$400 😁

My shabby display

I can never have enough little glitter houses!! I found these vintage style reindeer at World Market, I had to have them even though they were too damn pricy!! 

My entryway 
Close up of the cubbies 

The formal dining room China cabinet where I usually have my teacup collection, but the had to move out so more Christmas stuff could move in!

This year I created a new collection in my dining room hutch. I love the way green and red look together 

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