Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Furniture Re-do

Ok this blog is being written way after the fact! And not all pictures have a before. I know, I know why oh why did I forget to take the before pictures?? Well I'm getting better at remembering to do that!

This was an ugly beast before, but as you see it quickly got caught up with the times with  some fabulous chalk paint and spray painted original hardware!

This is is in my entry way and I wanted to re-do it for years but didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with it. So with a little help from my cousin I got daring and I LOVE how it turned out! Sorry for no before on this I know I have it just can't find it! 

Ah yes, this seemed hopeless but alas it is fabulous! It actually has a beautiful mirror that goes with it, and I was supposed to sell it in the shop but because the drawers needed much fixing and hubby never got around to it AND I needed another piece for my Christmas decorating, sooooo.... I took one day to slap some paint on it and duct tape the drawers (Yes you read that right) I love me some duct tape! So now it's mine! I can't be selling it with duct taped drawers now could I??

This is a piece that's in the shop, it was plain ugly brown wood with wood knobs and now it's wonderful!

Again I know I have before pic's on this but couldn't find them! Anyhow it was also ugly and scuffed up! I chalk painted and dark waxed it! (Was that a proper sentence? Probably not)

This piece sold at the shop over the summer it also began its life as an ugly brown mess!

Ah $20 thrift store find! It's turned out AMAZING!

Here is the dresser that matches the nite stand above! 


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  2. I love all the work you've done here; can't wait to see more!