Monday, February 10, 2014

Silver Ware

Ok, so I've seen all these cool displays with the silver ware.  I've seen this stuff in thrift stores forever, and never gave it a second thought, that is until PINTREST! Well thanks to that most wonderful of all websites, I now know what you do with this stuff!  So I was on a mission to find this stuff, and cheap. My first two pieces were actually $20 each. Whoa.....that is not what I wanted to pay, but I just couldn't pass it up for what it was, see that big oval like tray in the middle? That was one of the pieces and the other has the birdcage on it.  I guess I could have took a better close up to show ya'll how very different looking they were, and what caused me to pay $20 each!

This bunny looks like my pup when he knows he's done something not so good! LOL

This is some of my mercury glass collection left over from Christmas, yeah yeah, I didn't get around to putting it away so, hey just slap some easter stuff on it and I can get away with not putting it away again!

Another fabulous piece of silver ware! And a great deal at only 5 bucks!  I found this amazing thrift store, it's a "true" thrift store, things are dirt cheap as they should be. I'm talking $1 and $2 and lots of things for 50 cents as well!  I spent $45 dollars last week and had so much stuff the little old lady had to help me carry it all out to the car!  Yeah, I'm going back weekly!

Ok, so a friend gave me four of these thingy's. Not sure what they were for, they are little crystal things, someone said fancy salt holders? Anyhow, what to do with them? Voila! egg holders and displayed so beautifully on my awsome butter dish!

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